The History of Dodge

history of dodge
Dodge Motor Company has been known for its reliability and high-quality products and continues to impress and surprise the public with each model. But, where did all start? How did it all begin? Let’s take a look at the History of Dodge Motor Company:

The Founders

The founders of Dodge are two brothers, John and Horace Dodge, born in Niles, Michigan. At a young age, they already had a reputation for quality and excellence in the automotive industry. In 1902, Henry Ford offered the brothers 10% of his company in return for automotive parts for his Ford vehicles. Shortly after, in 1910, the new factory in Michigan quickly became one of the largest automotive parts companies in the world. The Dodges had a big part of the all-American first car, the Model-T. They made the engines, transmissions, and other parts for this legendary car.

After a decade of supplying parts for Ford, the Dodge brothers decided to resign and refused to work with Ford. Whatever their reason might have been, the Dodge brothers still valued quality and durability. So on July 17, 1914, the Dodge brother’s decision to begin selling their vehicles and the Dodge Brothers Company began. A few months later, their very first vehicle, the four-cylinder Dodge Model, was born. With their excellent reputation, the brothers had no problem and sold well. The Dodge brand quickly made its foundation on dependability.


Tragedy and New Beginnings

Within only five years on growing their company, the brothers made 121,000 dodge cars and made sales of 24 million dollars. While the Dodge brothers were making a significant impact on the automotive world, they, unfortunately, passed away just months apart from Influenza. However, their legacy and dependability went on and became even stronger. In 1922, Dodge was the first automotive company to introduce a steel-body closed car.

A few years after the brother’s death, the heirs of the company sold the company to an investment bank. In 1928, Walter Percy Chrysler purchased Dodge. This purchase helped Chrysler grow its size immensely, and it became the third-largest automaker in the world. That owner was attracted by the company and the dedicated customers of Dodge owners. And in 1933, Dodge adopted the iconic RAM symbol, which represented dependability and strength.

High Peaks

In the 1930s, Dodge continued to offer quality, value, and dependability, which was unmatched by any other competitor. Not only was Dodge becoming Internationally successful, but it also helped the US during the war. In World War II, the US depended on Dodge built parts, aircraft engines, and almost 400,000 trucks during the war. The first post-war Dodges were in high demand by civilians and came out to the market in 1946. In the 1050s, Dodge still stood for dependability, but the design changed the game. This new 1950s design was bold and had a sex appeal with its modern chrome, fins, a flare, and a V8 engine.

In 1954, with the V8 engine, Dodge began making its way into car racing in the Indianapolis 500. The lower fins and lower bodies were the new looks for the Dodge int he 50s. In 1966, Dodge unveiled the famous Dodge Charger. Hemi-powered cars gave the Dodge brand a race car competition. Other Dodge models that came later, like the Charger, Challenger, and Coronet, were also packed with power. Today, these cars are priced highly by collectors.

Click below to watch the evolution of the Dodge Charger:


Dodge Motor Company has changed throughout the years from muscle cars to family cars. However, Dodge has continued to be known for its reliability and quality in every product they produce. Today, the Dodge brand vehicles perform with power and durability. We hope you enjoyed this brief blog about the History of Dodge.

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